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 Contacting the Admins Via PM

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PostSubject: Contacting the Admins Via PM   Wed Jun 19, 2013 3:40 am

Contacting the Admins Via PM

We are gladly to help you with any problems that you post in the forum. However for some private conversation/request or anything that is probably private you can contact via PM.

The Administrator isĀ Tessa

But there are some rules that we want to implement to contact the admin. First is make sure that your title is relevant for the content. Second we DON'T like/tolerate such as "Please Help" Title on your PM, As we said as much as possible it must be relevant. Third DO NOT SPAM US! Forth ONE/1 PM should be enough, sometimes it will took days to answer your PM by the Admin due to the are busy also with there lives or maybe busy for some updates to the server. They are not your slaves! Remember that.
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Contacting the Admins Via PM
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