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 ElionMU Forum Rules!

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PostSubject: ElionMU Forum Rules!   Tue Jul 02, 2013 4:11 am

ElionMU Forum Rules!

1. Language. You are ONLY ALLOWED to use ENGLISH LANGUAGE in all section. Other Language is allowed in LOCALIZED SECTION.

2. Font and Color in post. As much as possible kindly use readable font and color in your post/message/pm.

3. Avatar. Your avatar mustn't contain any pornographic/disturbing pictures. You will be punished if you break this rule and it will be depends according to the picture you posted.

4. Pornographic Contents. You are NOT ALLOWED to post/promote any pornographic contents. This is PROHIBITED! It may only caused you banned.

5. No Insulting. Try to be nice around here also to one another. You will be warned if we caught you insulting others especially the STAFF TEAM. The more you insult, the level of your warning will increasing until you will be banned.

6. No Advertising. You are NOT ALLOWED to advertise any other MU Server/Forum/Pornographics or etc. This will automatically banned your forum account and don't have the rights to write a ban appeal.

7. No Profiting. You are NOT ALLOWED to sell anything that not related to this site. Anyone who will caught will automatically banned and don't have the rights to write a ban appeal.

8. Offensive account names. Your forum account name mustn't contain any sexual, racism or any discrimination to others. We don't tolerate this kind of action, We won't change it rather we will ban you without any rights to appeal.

9. No Multiple Accounts. You are ONLY ALLOWED to have 1 account and no more. We do random IP check.

10. Illegal Activities. We don't tolerate here any kind of talking/illegal activities. In this rule the mainly concern is about those trespassers or any kind of illegal behavior. Any player break this rule will ban permanently. Let's just say we are the eyes of this forum, Anything that you've post/pm to other players we can see it all. So as much as possible don't dare to do it.

11. Spamming. Obvious right? In this rule somehow we can control the spamming to the section that aren't supposed to be spammed. Break this rule, We will gave you a warning until it increase and lead to ban.

12. Hacks. In this community, We don't tolerate any discussion with some illegal programs. If we caught you, you will be ban.

13. Signatures. Signature size should not be bigger than 400x200 pixels. Userbar should not be bigger that 400x20. Any type of video will not be considered as Signature. No pornographics or offensive contents/pictures.

This page does not cover all the rules in the server.
"Rules can be change anytime and players are responsible to read every details of the changes"

~ ElionMU Administrators
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ElionMU Forum Rules!
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