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 Game Offence and Punishments

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PostSubject: Game Offence and Punishments   Mon Jun 10, 2013 10:19 am

*Game Offence and Punishments*

- Golden Rule: NEVER give to anyone your username and password .
The moment you give someone your account details, you give that person everything what belongs to that account. So if you share your login info with anyone don\'t come crying to us that your items are gone or that your account e-mail and password were changed.

ElionMU policy on lost items: We will never give back any lost items no matter what the cause of the loss is

* Detailed server rules *

- Pretending To Be A GM Or Any Member Of ElionMU MU Staff Is NOT ALLOWED.You have no right to use names by using -GM(name)- Or Creating Guild With Name Like -Admins- Or -EMUStaff- = Permanent Account Ban

- Killing GM Or Any Member Of Staff Is NOT ALLOWED = 1 Day Character Ban

- Hacking, Cheating Or Scamming Is NOT ALLOWED:
1-st Offense = 1 Month Character Ban
2-nd Offense = 2 Months Character Ban
3-rd Offense = Permanent Character Ban

- Insulting Members Or Any ElionMU Staff Is NOT ALLOWED:
1-rst Offense = 12 Hours Ban
2-nd Offense = 2 Days Ban
3-rd Offense = Permanent Character Ban

-Disrupting Events:
1-st Offense = 2 Hours Character Ban
2-nd Offense = 10 Hours Character Ban
3-rd Offense = 2 Days Character Ban

- Promoting And Advertising Other Servers/Websites/Forums/Blogs Is NOT ALLOWED = Deleted Account + IP Ban

- Insulting NOT ALLOWED:
1-st Offense = 3 Day Ban
2-nd Offense = 15 Days Ban

- Insulting against religion / nationality NOT ALLOWED:
1-st Offense = 15 Day Ban
2-nd Offense = Permanent Character Ban

Scanning the server ports, and trials is prohibited
According on the scanning case and situation it may be considered as threatening server safety and your account will be deleted and blocked IP

Vote system: The vote reward system gives you free credits. This is free service created by us for you. We give you chance to win credits without money (for free), so please DO NOT abuse! Using more than 3 account in the vote reward system is totally forbidden!
Any kind of cheat attempt with the vote system is punished with credits removing from all your accounts

For all situations mentioned and not mentioned above, an Admin / Game Master ( online when a situation occurs ) hat the full authority to judge/resolve/punish a conflict/situation/rule breaker according to the rules of the server and according to the level of his Admin/Game Master access.
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Game Offence and Punishments
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